Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine

Battery operated or DC adapter
Volume control
60-Minute auto-off timer
10 soothing sounds
Elemental therapy to soothe: sounds, rhythm, & nature

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Relax with the Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine. Elemental therapy soothes the mind through sounds, rhythm and nature. It features 10 soothing sounds and a 60 minute auto-off timer. It is perfect for creating a relaxing environment or soothing yourself to sleep. It also includes easy volume control.


Customer Reviews (4)

Great machine, but can't un-hear the loop.Review by Monocle
For someone that lives where there are thin walls and neighbors with a screaming baby this was an excellent choice! The machine's volume can be adjusted to be loud enough to block out disruptive noises. The audio quality is also very nice, so it doesn't sounds gravelly or grainy.

One glaring issue with this device is that if you're the person that finds the loop in the audio (where the sound clip actually begins and ends on replay), you will. Second night in I tried all of the sound options and my fiance' and I found each one when we were trying to sleep. The white noise was one of the most discreet options, but if you sleep on your side you will still begin to pick up where the 2-4 second clip loops. I don't know if this is a common issue with all sound machines, but the ones I've tried all have this issue.

Edit 2.16.17: Because my fiance' and I are so sensitive to finding the looping audio in sound machines, I did a lot of research and found one that is perfect for our needs! So if you are the type of person that prefers white noise that doesn't loop its audio, try a 'LectroFan we've had ours for almost two months now and it is amazing!!!

Still would make a really great gift for those people that are sound machine-compatible! We're going to gift our machine to friends and I bought another one for my father in-law whose sound machine recently broke! He loves it! (Posted on 12/1/2016)
I was a bit disappointed with the sound quality of this machineReview by Deborah Geiger
I was a bit disappointed with the sound quality of this machine, as I found it to be a bit scratchy. A family member ordered one and it had better sound, so perhaps I just got a bad machine. The seller was very prompt in responding to my request to return this item, so I am very happy with the seller. In the end, I chose to keep this machine, as to return it would have cost almost as much as the machine itself! (I purchased this for $15, so I suppose I shouldn't have expected symphony quality sounds!) I took this to a family member's home where I stay one night a week and use it on occasion. I wouldn't reorder, but at $15 it does provide some sound for drifting off to sleep. Again, the seller was terrific. (Posted on 9/28/2016)
Must Register for Item for New Parents!!Review by KNS
This is the best noise machine. I recommend it to all of my friends to register for when having a baby. Most of the sleep books you encounter suggest loud white noise, most of the baby noise machines are very soft. This version is great because you can adjust the noise level to your comfort. We've used this on our son his entire life. Now that he's a toddler he likes to push the easy button to turn it on and off himself. Not only does the machine help them sleep but also drowns out background noise so you don't have to tip toe around, whisper and live in fear of a dog barking or the doorbell ringing. I've slept with it as well and its very soothing. (Posted on 9/19/2016)
Great for a white noise machineReview by pdogmum
This is way better than the Marpac Dohm-DS Dual Speed Sound Conditioner I bought from Amazon and it is less than half the price! The Conair Sound Therapy has a volume control and you can turn it up really loud (great if you have loud neighbors). I have super loud neighbors and actually use 3 different white noise machines at night just so I can sleep (yes, I need to move) and this is the best one I have (and was the cheapest). I only use the white noise setting on here but there is so many settings to choose from. I plan to buy 2 or 3 more of these so I can have 2 in my bedroom and 1 or 2 for the rest of the house to use during the day so I don't have to hear my neighbors. Way cheaper than moving.

Even if it would only work for say a year it wouldn't be so bad since it is less than 20 bucks. Granted, I hope it lasts for many years.

If you use batteries it will drain them. Batteries is a nice option if the power goes out and it won't be back on for awhile - at least you will still be able to sleep. I leave mine on all night and turn off when I wake up but it has an option to stay on for I believe 60 minutes.

If you need a white noise machine - buy this one. It is cheap, works and can be turned up very loud if needed. Also it has a big on/off button which makes it easy to use after the lights are off.

Edit - 04/16/2017. I have bought a total of 3 of these and I still use one to sleep every single night. Yes, you can hear the loop which can drive a person crazy but I have noticed if I put it on the outdoorsy one (the one you can hear crickets) I can't seem to hear the loop like I can on the white noise one (which that one you can hear the loop and almost imagine a word being repeated (which varies with what your mind comes up with)). I still feel this is the best machine out of all the other brands, I have bought and you definitely get your money's worth. I did buy mine years ago (2 or 3?) so they could be made not as good now, not sure. Oh, and I'm still using the first one I bought, just bought multiples because of having rude ignorant loud neighbors. (Posted on 1/31/2014)

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