Generic Stuffed Animal Figures Poke Doll Plush (8 Piece), 5"


Generic Stuffed Animal Figures Poke Doll Plush (8 Piece), 5"

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Do your research.Review by Melanie
Purchased 09/18 and estimated delivery was 10/23. It just arrived on 09/29.

To those complaining about Leafeon: do your research. Use Google. Most Leafeon dolls are made like this, sadly. It is not just cheaply made by the seller here.

The dolls are pretty cute and made nicely, with original Pokémon Center Tags. They came packaged in plastic without any scuffs. No loose threads. My only issue is that half of them don't stand up on their own but I attribute that to them being 5" tall.

The shipping was extremely fast and aside from poor Leafeon I'm happy. Too bad that Sylveon isn't included. =p

These are worth the 20 bucks spent. (Posted on 9/29/2015)
Buyer beware, not always as advertisedReview by Chris Hyek
I was initially very happy about these plushies, I had bought them with the intention of giving them as a gift and as such did not look at them in great detail until after they had been given to the recipiant a couple weeks later. I was happy with most of them, but the Glaceon and the Leafeon were not well made. I only have a picture of the Leafeon on me but its eyes were sewn on far lower on its head so that it even looks like its face is sewn on upsidedown... And the Glaceon's right eye was sewn lower than its left by about a centimeter so it looks very awkward. Overall, I paid for the quality that I thought I was getting and got something much less. I would recommend finding a different seller. (Posted on 1/17/2015)

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