JoeShade, Portable Sun Shade Umbrella, Sunshade Umbrella, Sports Umbrella, BLUE

TRIPOD STAND, Blue Carry Bag, UV A&B Blocking, SPF 50, Stakes, TILT, Wind Vents. 60" wide umbrella, weighs 8 pounds. Easy set-up!
Proud Seller of our JoeShade umbrella since 2002. Please email us immediately with any questions or comments.
You will "Love it in the Sun" and "Need it in the rain"!!! Official Sponsor of the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF)
AMAZON PRIME ... Also available in Green or Red.

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This is The Original JoeShade portable sports umbrella as seen on TV and playing fields, poolsides, patios and beaches all across the USA. Portable, light weight, with TRIPOD STAND, Tilt and UV Blocking. JoeShade is perfect for all your outdoor activities. Weights only 8 pounds, the 60 inch umbrella width is perfect size for 2 adults. JoeShade is an Official Sponsor of The Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF). A portion of each sale is donated to the MRF. Amazon PRIME Product .... FREE SHIPPING!!!


Customer Reviews (4)

Well it shades meReview by C. Clark
I ordered this to replace a simple beach umbrella we had for several years. We live in Colorado and it gets HOT watching soccer in the sun. I searched in vain to find an inexpensive umbrella to replace the old one. I couldn't find one, so I started looking at these more expensive options. It came down to this and the Joe Shade. I ended up buying them both, comparing and returning the Wondershade. To be clear NEITHER is worth the price I paid BUT I needed I chose the Joe Shade. Here are my thoughts on the two. Hopefully it will help someone make a decision and not have to order both! First, yes they are the same size. Second, upon opening both umbrellas I was struck by how cheap they felt. Lot's of plastic parts.

My observations on the Wondershade: the option of using the stand or using the "screw" is a great idea—in fact I really wish that was an option on the Joe Shade. On the Wondershade I was never quite able to turn the screw that holds the bottom legs fully tight to hold them securely in place. In addition, the collar that holds the upper portion of the umbrella in the lower portion never fully tightened so the upper umbrella pole slowly slid into the lower pole lowering the umbrella. Don't get too excited about the cup holders. They are not very well made and not very functional. The ones that arrived with my umbrella had rusted ends on them. The material of the umbrella itself is rather thin. The material on the Joe Shade felt thicker and sturdier. (Don't mistake thicker and sturdier to mean well made!) I do like the little pocket on the bag for the stakes-- the Joe Shade lacks a pocket and I end up dumping the stakes out every time I use it. Also, I think the poles on this shade extend higher than the Joe Shade.

Joe Shade: this arrived with the little piece of metal that is supposed to hold the umbrella in the open position stuck in the pole. When I went to push up the umbrella there was nothing to hold it up. I fiddled with it a while and bent it a little into position, then put some WD-40 on it. It seemed to do the trick and now pops into place when putting up the umbrella. (The Wondershade uses the same mechanism for it's umbrella so I suppose the same problem could occur with it.)The pole on this seems to be a tad sturdier than the Wondershade. Both umbrellas have the same mechanism for the tilt so no real differences there. Again, the material on this umbrella is slightly thicker than on the Wondershade.

Ultimately I did decide on Joe Shade. I gave up the option of using the stand or the "sand screw" for the slight quality edge I felt the Joe Shade had.

Also, just a note, I also own one of the large Sportbellas. You may wonder why I needed the Joe Shade. The Joe Shade is not as unwieldily as the Sportbrella. With the Sportbrella you have two options, pound the stake in so it is upright, or lay it on it's side. Pounding it in so it remains vertical does not always work because 1) the sun moves and it is not easy to readjust, 2) there is not tilt function 3) any slight breeze tips it over. Laying it on it's side does not always work because 1) you may be facing the sun 2) you can not see out the sides. I've found Joe Shade to be much more versatile and a lot less hassle then the Sportbrella. (Posted on 9/17/2013)
The perfect umbrella!Review by A. Bodenrader
I needed an umbrella that I could put away easily, and could stand on a hard surface. This was PERFECT! It is large enough to provide a good amount of shade for 2-3 people, light enough to put away easily when finished, and has its own stand, so you can put it on any surface. It is light enough to be buffeted by strong winds, and you do need to take care to put it away properly to not rip the fabric, but it is not fragile - it's PERFECT!! (Posted on 8/5/2013)
A must-have for the summer!Review by Bryan Robinson
This umbrella is AMAZING!! I ordered 2 (one for my husband, one for me) since we have kids in sports, and are constantly in the sun. They are a pretty good size, they raise and lower, and the top of the umbrella tilts for when the sun moves. It really blocks the sun a great deal, and makes being outside in the summer bearable. My husband is 6'3" and can stand underneath it comfortably when it is raised, while still being able to see the kids' games (without the umbrella blocking his view or having to duck), which was hard to find (with him being on the tall side). A must have for any summer outing! (Posted on 9/6/2011)
I LOVE this Umbrella!!!!Review by Amazon Customer
I originally saw an umbrella like "Joe Shade" made by a competitor at my son's baseball game. I loved the concept that you didn't have to have a grassy area to screw the umbrella into, since the majority of my children's games have a concrete viewing area. I immediately went home and started reseaching the umbrellas. I came across the "Joe Shade" and loved the idea that it was much larger than all of the competitors and sounded better made. I ordered it and in less than a week it showed up on my doorstep. It has been the best money I have spent all year!!!! I live in Arizona and it has already reached 100 degrees and the umbrella takes the sting of the sun completely away. I LOVE how it tilts, and has really held up well in pretty good wind gusts. There are pegs to keep the umbrella down but I haven't used them. It is soooo simple to set up and take down. In fact, I am usually carrying my purse and other things and can do it with ease. GREAT UMBRELLA!!! I get comments all the time and have seen several other parents buying them after asking me about it. You will not be disappointed!!! (Posted on 5/22/2011)

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