Neck Traction Device - Cervical Traction Pain Relief - Cervical Traction Collar - Neck Pain Relief - Relieves Cervical Pinched Nerves

PERFECT SIZE TO UTILIZE, CLEAN, & CONCEAL! The InstaCure Cervical Neck Traction Device is the Perfect Size to Cure Any Neck, or Upper Back Issue there is. When Deflated it is the Perfect Size to Fit Into a Purse, Backpack, Suitcase, or Car Department. The InstaCure Cervical Neck Traction Device is Flexible Enough to Squeeze Down to the Size of A Pair of Socks!
SAFE, SIMPLE, & EASY TO USE: EVERYONE CAN USE IT! Too much Neck Flexion can Be Detrimental to Your Health. Place the InstaCure Cervical Neck Traction Device in a Comfortable Position Around Your Neck and Velcro the Straps in Place. Close the Hand Pump Pressure Valve & Roller Valve, Before Manually Pumping the InstaCure Traction Device to the Desired Size. Can Extend to a Maximum Size of 8 Inches Vertically & Will Set Your Neck at a 90-Degree Angle;
InstaCure IS AN EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT OF UNIVERSAL DIRECT, LLC. Our Mission is to Create & Engineer Products that are Guaranteed to Reduce & Eliminate Neck, Back, & Head Pain through Enhanced Therapy Products that are Comfortable, Durable, & Portable! InstaCure Loves Their Customers & Are So Confident That You'll Love Us Back, That We Offer a FULL REFUND, if you Return it Within the First 30 Days! Please Beware of UnAuthentic Sellers, InstaCure Only Uses the Highest Quality Goods to Produce Their Premier Products;
INSTANTLY REDUCES HEADACHES, NECK, & BACK PAIN WHILE RELIEVING PINCHED NERVES, HERNIATED, & COMPRESSED DISCS. InstaCure Cervical Neck Traction Device Relieves Pain Supports the Neck, While Elevating the Jawbone Creating Relief on Your Vertebrae & Discs, which Relieves the Tension in Your Nerves & Spine. Restores Correct Position of Cervical Spine.
MADE FROM THE BEST PRODUCTS AVAILABE. Made with the Latest InstaCure Technology Engineered to Provide Neck, Shoulder, & Pain Relief Instantly. The InstaCure Cervical Neck Traction Device Uses Soft & Smooth MicroFiber, Comfortable InstaCrue Velcro Straps, Earth's Natural Air, An Easy & Durable Hand Pump, Heavy-Duty Valves to Bring You the Best Traction Device Available.

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Instantly Cure Neck, Back, & Head Pain Cause by Pinched Nerves, Herniated Discs, Compressed Discs, Trauma, and Much Much More!

The InstaCure Cervical Neck Traction Device The InstaCure Cervical Neck Traction Device uses Pressurized Air to Stretch Your Neck and Lower Your Spine, which Simultaneously Relieves Pressure in Your Joints and InstaCures Your Tight, Painful Cervical Area into the Most Flexible & Versatile Part of Your Body.

Why Do You Need the InstaCure Cervical Neck Traction Device?

The InstaCure Cervical Traction Device Instantly Begins to Cure Forward Neck Curvature Loss Due to Normal Wear and Tear that Breaksdown a Healthy Spine. Posture Loss Happens Over Time Due to Everyday Activities Such As:

• Looking Down at Your Cell Phone

• Stretching and Pulling Your Upper Back Muscles

• Overworking and Straining your Back

• Sitting in an Office Chair All Day (Office Neck)

• Sleeping on Uneven Surfaces

As You Participate in these Activities Your Neck Looses its' Natural Froward Curvature and the Weight of Your Head Shifts and Locks Forward. This Compresses and Squeezes the Vertebrae in Your Back and Discs to Bulge and Create Pain around Your Nerves & Spine.

The InstaCure Cervical Neck Traction Device is Super Comfortable and Very Easy to Use. It Stretches and Gently Supports Your Neck While Extending the Cervical Vertebrae Vertically, Producing Instant and Extended Pain Relief in Your Neck, Back, and Head! The Traction of the Neck Muscles Supports Increased Blood Supply & Circulation. Our Durable Traction Decreases the Pressure between the Vertebrae, which Instantly Relieves Pressure from Pinched Nerves and Herniated Discs. Designed to Support, Stretch, and Correct the Cervical Alignment & Natural Curve of the Neck.


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