Yomega Maverick High Speed YoYo (Colors May Vary)


Yomega Maverick High Speed YoYo (Colors May Vary)

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A must for the intermediate yoyo'er.Review by J-Duhh
Love love LOVE!!! I never realized how much of an upgrade I needed in my yoyo's. So glad my husband bought me this as a gift! (Posted on 3/21/2017)
Yomega Maverick High SpeedReview by Carol M. Malcolm
Nice yoyo! (Posted on 12/31/2016)
What goes down should also come up...Review by JavaJnky
What i received is solid silver in color. Not what's in the picture. And while it seems very well balanced, it simply won't stop sleeping. If you're looking for a yoyo that sleeps forever so you rock the cradle 100 times, this is great. If you want one that goes up and down, I'd try another brand. I'm going to return it. (Posted on 2/1/2016)
Sleeps for days with a perfect balance and huge bearingReview by Trevor R jones
This is the first pro level yoyo I have owned. That being said it is almost completely unresponsive after the first few throws. Learn your bind moves as it is the only reliable way to get it back up. Sleeps for days with a perfect balance and huge bearing. (Posted on 12/4/2015)
Two StarsReview by handles messiah
Broke 2 days after we got it :( (Posted on 1/4/2015)
Not what I ordered...Review by Eric Kaiser
Im writing a review for the yomega maverick splash, which is what I got instead of the regular maverick. This thing is so smooth its unbelievable. However, it is responsive as heck, and sleeps for 15 seconds before spinning out. I quite literally slammed myself in the face and still have a bump where it hit me. My hand spazzed and my yoyo came up at speeds only achieved by space shuttles. It also has a nasty habit of hitting furniture, walls, and anything around me. Disappointing, yomega! By Zach (Posted on 12/7/2014)
WORKS GREAT and he has many yoyosReview by a walde
my son loves this.... WORKS GREAT and he has many yoyos (Posted on 7/10/2014)
Great ValueReview by G-Rod
This YoYo is a great value. It comes with a DVD and extra string. Also, it comes already strung.It is very durable and the DVD is very instructional. You learn to have patience while using this YoYo, but the end product is magnificent. If you buy this YoYo watch the bootcamp section before you try to do anything. If your YoYo is too tight, it won't work properly. Try placing it in the palm of your hand and tighten it untill it starts rotating. The pick it up and tighten it just a little bit more. My YoYo came silver, but I don't know wich colors they have. (Posted on 1/28/2012)
Best Budget Yoyo for all levels.Review by Noah
I had previously been given this yo-yo from a relative and I fell in love with it! I have since bought a Dv888 and although I will not argue that the 888 is a better yoyo I will say I find myself using the Maverick nearly twice as much. I have personally purchased this yo-yo for my friend who wants to get into yo-yoing and is working on a free medical aid ship off the coast of Africa for 10 months. These are the reasons for my choice:

1. The Maverick is a great starter yo-yo, it will return to you're hand for the first 200ish ours of play with no problems. This means it won't frustrate the beginner as many non-responsive yo-yo's will do.
2. The Maverick is fully capable of the more advanced non-responsive string tricks after the 200 hour mark (this is because the rubber bumpers wear away making it need a bind return).
3. The Maverick is cheap compared to all other metal yo-yo's, 20$ is nothing in the world of unresponsive yo-yo's.
4. The Maverick is durable! I use the Maverick more than my Dv888 for one reason: Durability. The Maverick can take a hit, bounce off concrete, cement, hit railings, and keep going. (Mine currently has metal showing on the outside of both halves, still play's great.) I do believe the dv888 would do the same but I refuse to beat up my 45$ yoyo.
5. Finally, the Maverick grows with you! When the yoyo is fresh out of the box it will respond to a small jerk of the finger, great for frustrated beginners. As you continue to play the bumpers will wear out making the yoyo less responsive to every tug. After awhile it will not come up all together, this is perfect for the intermediate/ advanced player because an entire world of string tricks are available only to yo-yo'rs that have fully unresponsive yoyo's.
6. The Maverick as a standard C bearing size, this means that replacement bearings, although generally unnecessary, are easy to purchase. (I have roughly ~2000 hrs on my bearing, no problems)

1. The bearing does not stay on one half of the yo-yo when disassembled, this means if you get a knot in your string and you open you're yo-yo you may lose the bearing. (I once had to climb under a muddy deck to retrieve mine)
2. You will not have the stability that other much more expensive yo-yo's will have nor will you have the sleep time. This is sometimes a problem when learning a long trick because it leaves little room for error. That being said sleep time is generally determined by user skill. In the beginning I could get 30seconds from my Maverick, now I'm pushing 2 min. It will come in time.
3. Finally the Maverick, after allot of play, has a tendency to come apart during play. This is normally not a problem because the Maverick makes a very distinct sound before separation. On average my yoyo tries to separate every 8ish hours of play.
5. It is a metal yo-yo and thus it is hard. Obviously. It is also heavier than the general plastic yoyo, this can sometimes lead to hurt hands. This will only be a problem for the first week. Hands will toughen up and the way you catch the yoyo will become more refined.

Overall the Maverick is THE BEST choice for any kid, teen or adult looking for an awesome yoyo on a budget. It's versatile, strong, basically bullet proof, and will grow with the yo-yo'ers skill. (Posted on 9/5/2011)
Small Package, Beast StrengthReview by MattTheCzar
Ok, so i bought this yoyo for my little brother because like the other guy, his school has the yoyo madness.
Great yo, sleeps for about 40-50 secs after using some thin lube, and my lil bro -age 13- loves it.

This thing is hellu heavy, he uses it to kill small animals sometimes, honestly. This could be a pro though, really depends on what you want.
5 extra strings, not true, no extra strings came with the one that I recieved.

The extra weight is good for tricks because it keeps it sleeping when doing tricks so, while its heavy, it doesn't come back and smack you in the face at unwanted times.
The whole string breaking thing, I'm not so sure about because he hasn't broken a single string yet, although I'm sure that with the weight that might be a problem.
I'd say this yoyo is not good for the beginners/learners who can't throw a yoyo, but it is good for the intermediate, and maybe even advanced. Although, another reviewer said he uses a lighter yoyo to learn tricks so...
Just be careful because this thing is a lead weight!

For BEGINNERS or small children who want a GOOD yoyo, the Flying panda is rubber lined, a little bigger, and a lot safer. The flying squirrel is plastic, weighted to perfection/adjustments, small, and awesome.

P.S The Maverick is smaller than a standard yoyo, about 2 inches in diameter. (Posted on 10/1/2010)

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