MXDEALS Sample Application

Brief description of the application process

When we receive your application intention, you can fill in the application form this page.

Our staff will usually review your application within 48 hours. If your application is approved, we will forward you the discount code for the corresponding product via Shareasale message. You can place an order on with that code and we’ll deliver the sample in about 7 days. After receiving the sample, you need to shoot a video for at least 5 minutes long and upload it to the network disk (recommended Google network disk) and share it with us.

The video shooting is not mandatory, but it will increase the trust between you and us, which is conducive to further cooperation in the future.
In addition, you can feel our products, summarize your experience and promote our products in the way you are good at. You will receive a commission fee paid by the Shareasale platform>>.

The following is a detailed introduction

  • – Continental United States excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico;
  • – Mainland France;
  • – Germany.
  • -You can apply for them as long as they can be found on the Each application is limited to one unit of a product;
  • -If the corresponding size or color of the applied product is missing, our staff will contact you by email for an exchange.
  • We hope to receive your video within 14 days after you receive the sample. Here is an ideal video model that you can look up: The video length should be no less than 5 minutes. You can simply upload the original shooting (without editing) to a network disk such as Google Drive and share the link with us.

    Shooting a video is not mandatory. But this will increase the trust between us, and our company will record the cooperation of each affiliate. Aflilate with high trust can:

  • -Get the application preferentially approved and receive the sample products faster;
  • -Get official coupons, high-commission promotional materials and rewards;
  • -Get commission calculated and paid sooner.
  • The videos you send us will be used for secondary creation. By sending the videos to us , you agree to authorize us to reuse them, which means there is no copyright dispute. We will hide your sensitive information such as residential address and phone number by default in the secondary creation. If you have additional requirements, please feel free to let us know.

    MXDEALS Sample Application form

      Important, we will send you the coupons via Shareasale Messages. ex : 30123456

      If you need get this link, you are going to the MXDEALS store and pick it up. ex :

      Please enter the specific amount for the product you selected. ex : 136.95