Triangular Pillow Covers Cases For Our Reading Pillows Large Bolster Headboard Backrest Wedge Pillow Fushcia Purple Cover


  • Corduroy - 100% Polyester
  • Made in USA and Imported
  • Cover Only; WowMax pillow covers fit WowMax brand pillows only. They will not fit any other triangle shaped pillows.
  • Want a different look for special occasions like Christmas? Purchase a new stylish cover for your pillow.
  • Specially handmade "button caps" gives the new pillow matching buttons. See video for instruction.
  • Choose the right size cover for your pillow. If you don't remember the size of your pillow, please measure the length.
  • WOWMAX is a registered US brand. All our products are assembled in and ship from New Jersey, USA, for a guaranteed delivery time of at most 4 days. This quick shipping time allows the pillow to retain its shape. Any other sellers from China with this product are not affiliated with WOWMAX and will take much longer to ship, and the pillow will be shapeless upon arrival.

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