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Since our beginnings in 2012, MXDEALS has the most efficient and cost-effective warehouses in the United States and Europe.

Pillow products are different from other products. They need a high-volume warehouse that must be clean, pest-proof, dry, and able to ship quickly, process returns quickly, and perform aftermarket repairs quickly.

We have self-built, specialized warehouse for our specific pillow products.

Other sellers, who are selling similar products, generally fulfill their orders vis third-party warehouses, and the cost is at least 20% higher than ours. These excess order fulfillment charges will be added to the customer’s bill. The MXDEALS warehouse has done more than 10 years of optimization work on the order processing procedures for pillow products. We do our best in every aspect of our pillow warehousing service. For receiving, assembling, shipping, returning or repairing pillow products, we know every part like the back of your hand to reduce cost.

The employees of MXDEALS are a professional team for pillow product management in the United States and Europe.

Each employee must go through 3 months of pillow product training before they can take up their jobs.In 2021, MXDEALS has signed contracts with 5 well-known pillow brands in the United States and Europe. These 5 brands have also sent technicians to train us to deal with delivery and after-sales maintenance. We also upgraded the training requirements of MXDEALS for employees. Now, every one of our staff is the best at handling pillow orders. MXDEALS employees only need to manage the pillow product category. Because we focus, we are professional. Yes, once again this is a win-win for us and our customers.

We have kept pillow storage costs to a minimum, and are very willing to give our customers a profit. 

The cost we save will be shared with customers through the MXDEALS website. This is why MXDEALS sells pillows with free shipping in the United States and Germany. Our price is the lowest throughout the whole internet. In addition, we provide a considerable amount of coupons.

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