LivingStones Cushions Decor Rock Pillows


  • Fabric: Polyester Canvas
  • Filling: Premium Polyester Fiberfill
  • Quantity: 7 Pieces / Set
  • Color: Rock Patterns as Pictures
  • Size: #1 30″x17″, #2 23″x14″, #3 21″x12″, #4 20″x11″, #5 15″x9″, #6 12″x8″, #7 8″x8″
  • Weight(Filled): 7750g

Floor pillow cushion (insert are included); The pattern is available on the both sides, looks more beautiful.

Made from quality canvas fabric, natural eco-friendly materials, please take it easy to buy, this is a safte item for your kids;

Do you think these are some stones when you see them first? No, they are soft cushions with the rock stone pattern, which were designed to resemble stone styles.

These vivid pillows cushion can be used as properties props in photostudio, also can be used as floor cushions, throw pillows, couch pillows, wedge pillows, sofa pillows to decorate your home, garden and kindergarten everywhere you like;

Spoof toys in party, soft chairs when outgoing, picnic and barbecue, kids’ toys, plush toys and lots other purpose;

#1 76x44cm 3000g
#2 59x36cm 1600g
#3 53x31cm 1300g
#4 50x29cm 800g
#5 39x24cm 500g
#6 31x20cm 350g
#7 20x20cm 200g


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