Three-Dimensional Curve Living Stones Pillows 6 Mix Sizes Stuffed Pillows Big Rock Pillows New Pebble Pillows Dark Gray

The set is an excellent example of mixing and matching to create a luxury item that is the ultimate in relaxation and calmness.

They’re an excellent tool for pillow fights.

These rock pillows not only offer maximum comfort but also give your home an elegant sort of aesthetic look, turning the room with these artificial pebbles in a kind of inside-out scenery.

By bringing nature indoors, you can use these rock pillows as a decoration source that can also be played with.

Because of their convenient size and shape, you can transform any dull area into a design-inspired one just by adding these six pillows of different sizes.

What’s more, these rock pillows are made of 100% polyester fabric. This is a bonus because polyester does not add weight to the pads, but still makes sure your pillows are as cozy as possible. Besides this cushiony sensation, polyester is extremely helpful since it’s an anti-pill material that’s a breeze to wash.

As you may have seen, the premium fiberfill we love is also 100% polyester. This gives these stone pillows great flexibility but also an excellent level of robustness. It’s also free of allergens and can be used millions of times without being ruptured.

Everything you know is a lie – these rocks are actually comfy throw pillows. They add a perfect earthy style to a log cabin or home and are especially great for an intense pillow fight. As a perfect combination of rock shape and pillow use, these stone pillows can be used as distinctive decor “stones” on the floor or furniture and as gripping hug or throw pillows for fun. You can use them wherever you want to expect a feel of nature or to fulfill any play area, knowing safety is undoubtedly guaranteed. Here are some places that our customers have already placed them: living room, bedroom, playroom, office leisure area, kindergarten, primary school, hotel, child play area of the shopping mall, interior design company, nature museum…and where would you like to put them on?

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