3 Foot Giant Teddy Bear Daney Cuddly Stuffed Plush Animals Teddy Bear Toy Doll

The easiest way to tell the Teddy bear is to look at the quality, the workmanship is definitely a counterfeit, the genuine touch is very soft, very comfortable. Good brands of Teddy head can be moved ~ Handmade ~ is also five joints movable.
Let’s introduce a few simple ways to pick Teddy bear, telling you how to distinguish teddy bear:

  1. According to the brand
    High-grade brands: the world famous Teddy bear brand, such as the German Teddy Bear Three Giants, Hermann Spielwaren, Steiff Clemens. There is also the same Grisly, Martin, the UK, the US R. John Wright (good at face shape teddy bear) in Germany.
    Medium and low-end Brand: American Ty, Boyds, Gund, Canada Ganz Korea Aurora, etc.
  2. Press the price points
    Of course, the more expensive, the better, after all, a penny.
  3. Press the material
    Good bear’s fabric is a high-end Angolan wool and South American sheep humps, bear’s eyes with handmade glass of Lauschaer, Germany. There is now a trend to use plastic eyes, because it is not broken, so it is also a safety eye. Whether it is in glass or plastic eyes, the eyes of the bear have 仁. The internal filler is wool, wood shavings, etc.
    Ordinary bear’s fabric selection artificial hair, the current quality of South Korea is very good, the price is not expensive. The internal filler is fluffy cotton. The bear’s eyes are plastic eyes, usually do not bring a honesty.
  4. According to the structure
    Good bear band joint, head and limbs are installed with plastic joints or paper joints, and can rotate 360 ​​degrees. Ordinary bear does not take joint, but now the trend is that the plain bear also makes the joint. Therefore, we can say that the joints are not necessarily good bear, but good bear must have a joint.
  5. Press the work
    Good bear is a handmade art, and the ordinary bear is a machine manufactured by machine.
  6. According to the production area
    Just like other industrial products such as cars, Teddy bear manufactured in Europe and the United States is better than the quality manufactured in China.
  7. Press the exit site
    Because China’s labor is cheap, more than half of the Teddy bear in China is produced in China and then exported abroad. Exporting European products is better than exporting the products of the United States, because Europe’s security environment quality standard is higher than the US standards. Products exporting Europe have a CE certification mark.
  8. Low by product
    Good bear minimum should be licensed, there are foreign companies’ brand agency licensing certificates, import customs declaration certificates, factory certificate, quality inspection certificate, etc., sales places are in formal large shopping malls and monopoly stores or regular online stores. The bear is a fake, spike, pseudo, inferior product, such as: fake goods, tail goods, delivery, etc., common in low-end toys wholesale market, roadside toy shop, unregulated teddy bear monopoly online store.

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