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If your Teddy bear is born, it has been exposed to the pathogen, or the body has a mold, it is not a simple cleaning and maintenance, and further disinfection and sterilization procedures must be implemented. The specific method is as follows:
The Teddy bear that needs to be antibacterial antibacterial can be placed in a sealed plastic bag, put it into the freezer of the refrigerator for 24 hours. Note that this method is not suitable for classical bears filled in wood chips and foam.
In order to make Teddy bear look clean, convenient collection, moderate sun exposure can also prevent raging hair and moisture, and can improve the sound of the phono by long-term moisture, and is a simple and easy dehumidification method. .
Teddy bear can be sent to the original repair when it is damaged, but the Teddy Bear manufactured by the agent or a factory is enjoyed. If the damage is not very serious, you can find a similar colors of seams. There is also a special Xiong Hospital abroad to deal with these “disabled” bear, but unfortunately there is no such “medical” institution in China.
Replacement method:
Replacing fur for Teddy bear is usually suitable for ancient times with ancient teddy bear. Teddy bear with severe fur damage is best to fully communicate with the operator before replacing the fur, and provide detailed information on the original shape, such as a picture, etc., the bears after “beauty skin” may no longer be familiar with you. Teddy bears, and its own value will also be discounted because of improper replacement, or become worthless.
Clean, maintenance and replacement of Teddy Bear Accessories Accessories
Both rubber and elastic strips are used for their fastening, but this type of material will lose contraction due to long-term pulling. Therefore, you must take it down and let it return to the original tightness, which will last for duration and not easily lose elasticity.
The glasses cover must often take down to clean and foam hot water. Since the surface of the material cannot be rubbed, it is not resistant to brush, which can be added in hot water, or the bleaching agent for a special bleaching flower clothing is soaked. At the same time, the eye mask of the hot water is also less likely to be aging, hardening, and this method can also be removed from the four weeks of glasses.
If the glasses cover and elastic band can no longer be used, you can purchase the replaceable elastic band that specializes in selling handicrafts, and you can even find the monopoly doll glasses alternative, but the price will be more expensive. You can also go to a sports supplies store or a dedicated swimming mirror to buy a special-purpose swimming mirror as a replacement, and choose the effect that will not be intentionally.
Teddy bear clothes cleaning method
Clean the clothes of Teddy bear, basically use cold and generous, can be added to the clothing softener to remove the static electricity of the fabric, making the clothing more soft. Be careful when cleaning can not be used because of the large stains, or brush it with a brush. Since the texture of teddy bear’s clothes is basically elastic, especially taboo vigilance, otherwise the clothes are easy to loard and deformed. If you are afraid of trouble, you can send a dry shop to let the professionally handle it.

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