Round Bolster Cervical Roll Cylinder Pillow for Neck Lumbar Back Spine Contoured Support Cushion with Removable & Washable

I have tried various pillows. Only one is really improving my cervical vertebra. I really dismissed my cervical spine before sleeping. After all, I am still young! But slowly move from shoulders into a migraine, hand numb, so that I have to pay attention to the problem of cervical vertebra, and started my way of saving the cervical spine. Just starting to find a massage shop to make an essential oil SPA, every week must go, you can relieve it, even the technician also said that the massage can only be mitigated at the time, can not completely improve, say that my cervical vertebra has changed straight, Normal people’s cervical vertebrae have a certain curvature. If it turns straight, then the cervical vertebrae has a variety of signals, so the cervical vertebra has triggered my migraine, and it hurts 1/2 days every week. Every time the headache is hard. The two acupoints under the brain spoon are relieved, and I feel that the world is most torized, it will hurt.

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